Discover your temporary home and town

Find your way fast in your new home, the city and more. It's a great place to stay! 

We want to give you a 5 star service.

So, welcome and feel at Home!


Ground Floor

Do you want to rent an original:

Bathrooms & Laundry room


Dutch Grandma Transport Bike ?


You see them everywhere, a transportbike that goes back a 100 years.

You can rent one for the time of your stay in your new home and use it to go to work, do some shopping and going out.

The Price is €40,00 per month.

You will have to buy your own lock. There is a security for the bike of €100,00, That amount is returned if the bike is in the same condition as it was handed to you.

Please email me to: RESERVE BIKE


Need a car? Rent an electric:

Renault Twizzy


This is one trendy car. Completly electric. Usable for 2 people. You sitting behind each other in this fun car. 

Range: 65 km.     Topspeed: 85 kmh.      2 Available.

Charging, use a normal 230 volt wall outlet.

Price:     35 euro per day 

              150 per week

              295 per month

Please email me to: RESERVE TWIZZY