Bathrooms & Laundry Room

Bathroom (1st floor)

The 1st floor bathroom contains a sink, a toilet, a walk-in shower and a whirpool tub with hydro-jets. The whirlpool option is turned off for hygienic reasons. Under the sink is a radio mounted.

Everything in the bathroom is made of natural stone, therefore it is not allowed to use any cleaning agents which contain chlorine or other caustic agents.

Bathroom (2nd floor)

The 2nd floor bathroom contains a sink, a toilet and a walk-in shower.

This bathroom has ceramic tiles and therefore any cleaning agent may be used.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is located opposite the bathroom on the 2nd floor. The laundry room contains a washing machine, a dryer, a steam iron and an ironing board.

Please turn off the tap after using the washing machine!

Smoking is not allowed in any room!