Ground Floor

Main Hall

In the main hall, the first door on the right contains the meter cupboard with automatic fuses. If a fuse is blown, the card inside will show you what group has issues. The cupboard also contains the WiFi-router. The WiFi password is ‘0641565386’.

The second door on the right is the entrance to the living area.

The first door under the staircase leads to the bedrooms downstairs in the soutterain. Also you will find here the wet bar.

The second door under the staircase (and the last door in the hall) is the toilet. in total there are 3 toilets. One on every floor.


The semi-open kitchen is fully equipped and has plenty of storage space.

Room contents:

1 double gas stove
1 double electric stove
1 lava grill
1 built-in food processor
1 combined microwave - oven - Grill
1 double door fridge / freezer - No Ice and Water
1 dishwasher

Dining Room

The large dining table can accommodate 14 people. Dishes and glasses are stored in the giant 200 year old closet.

Closet contents:

30 dinner-plates 25 cm
30 serving bowls 15 x 5 cm
18 wine glasses 16 cl.
30 drinking glasses 17 cl.
14 beer glasses 37 cl.
20 glass drinking cups 23 cl.
18 sets of utensils; fork, knife, spoon and dessert spoon
4 carafes of one liter, for water or wine

Front Room

The front room is located at the front of the house. The comfortable sofas and chairs offer plenty of room for 8 people. The wall is equipped with a flat screen LCD TV.

TV Room

The TV room is located at the rear of the house in a conservatory, which is adjacent to the terrace and garden. Equipped with a lounge sofa, a 55” LCD TV, a Harman Kardon Surround set and  more than 300 DVD’s.

Manual Digital Satalite Receiver ➤

Manuel Home Cinema System ➤

Wet bar

The wet bar is located downstairs in the middle of the soutterain, in between the two bedrooms.

Smoking is not allowed in any room!