The garden is located at the back of the house. A big parasol is stored in the shed.

There is also a big glassdoor refrigerator in the shed as an extra storage for food and drinks.

Shed & Garage

The shed opens with the same key as the rest of the doors and contains various storage options, a large fridge with a glass door and a parasol. The shed has enough room for 5 to 6 bikes.

At an additional charge you can rent a garage, located  behind the villa. The garage can be used to store a car, 10 bicycles or as an additional temporary storage room.

Parking Space

The parking lot directly in front of the house belongs to the house.

The two parking spaces at the side of the road are for general use. There is always enough room at the parking space at the church.

Smoking is not allowed in any room! Except outdoors.