Some easy rules

Here are some guidelines for a nice stay in our house at the Geurdenhof 81 in Oss.

Be the best guest you can be!

  • You are a guest in a residential area, therefore we ask you to be a good neighbour and not to disturb the neighbourhood.

  • Do not cause any parking problems.

  • Always close the doors indoor, to prevent high heating costs.

  • When you are the last to leave the house, please lock the doors.

  • When you are the last to go to bed, please check if the exterior doors are locked.

  • After washing: always turn off the tap.

  • Smoking is allowed, but not indoors.

Garbage Calendar

Garbage Pick-Up Days

The Garbage will be picked up on different days. The grey containers (household waste, please use grey garbage bags) always on a Tuesday (Dinsdag) and the green container (Garden waste and uncooked vegetables)  always on a Wednesday (woensdag). Please see the schedule on the left. The containers has to be put outside on the road at the back of the house,  at the opposite side of the road. Please put them there correctly so you can open the container from the road side. Look what other people do.


Plastic can be put in bags and can also be dropped in containers at the supermarket.


Glass can be dropped off at the supermarkt containers also, beware of the color of the glass and put them in the correct container.